Wedding Novelty Stocking Stuffers

As you prepare for the holidays, don’t forget to stock the bride-to-be’s stocking full of fun and useful wedding accessories.   This oversized Diamond Ring Keychain is perfect to carry around during the wedding planning and after the wedding as well.  Have it engraved with names and a date for a personal touch.  Then there’s the page a day Wedding Count Down Calendar that adds so much fun to the 100 days leading up to the wedding.  Counting down to the second of the big event is a snap with our Countdown To The Wedding Clock.  Note pads are always useful with planning so why not have an adorable one for all of those wedding notes?  The “To Do Before I Do” magnetic note pad is just perfect!

View these cool stocking stuffers.

wedding ring key chain wedding count down calendar 

wedding count down clock to do before I do note pad

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Personalized Wedding Christmas Ornaments

Everyone loves to have a keepsake of a special event.  And weddings are definitely special events.  Whether for yourself or as a gift for that someone special, personalized Bride and Groom Christmas Ornaments and Our First Christmas Ornaments make a great gift while serving as that special keepsake of your big day.  Display your wedding ornaments on a Christmas tree or wreath or leave them out all year long on an ornament display stand.  Want a great addition to a formal wedding present?….just tie an ornament on the outside of the package on the bow.  A sure way to make your gift stand out!

 Check out our entire line of Personalized Wedding Christmas Ornaments!

wedding holiday ornament wedding hoiday ornament

wedding holiday ornament wedding christmas ornament

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Sports Wedding Cake Toppers – A fun way to include sports in your wedding

Okay, now we all know how passionate some of us – and probably our grooms even more – can be about sports.  Whether it’s football, baseball, soccer, or whatever we enjoy playing or watching the most, we LOVE our sports!  Sometimes, we’re not sure if our dear fellows will be returning any time soon once they’re off to the sporting event.  And some of us ladies are just about the same – especially when we’re in the middle of our sport’s “in” season.  With such a love for sports and our teams, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate that into your weddings.  Now, most of us won’t be embroidering a team logo on our gowns or anything, but how about a smaller touch?  Sports wedding cake toppers may be just that “smaller touch”.  Chances are high that your guests will also be sports enthusiasts, so they’re going to love it when they see a sport wedding cake topper at your reception.  Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Golf wedding cake toppers
  • Baseball wedding cake toppers
  • Football wedding cake toppers
  • Fishing wedding cake toppers
  • Motorsport wedding cake toppers

If you already have a vision for your bride’s cake, sports wedding cake toppers make the perfect theme for your groom’s cake which are popular in some regions.  The figurines can also be used for cake table decor, rehearsal dinners, engagment parties, and better yet, they can be displayed in your home after the big day.

View our current selection of Sports Wedding Cake Toppers

Baseball wedding cake topper Fishing wedding cake topper

Football wedding cake toppers Golf wedding cake toppers

View our current selection of Sports Wedding Cake Toppers

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Ring Bearer Pillows – Making your ring bearer feel special

It’s a very important job for that special boy to carry those rings down the aisle during your ceremony.  OK, so they may not be the REAL rings he’s carrying, but the task is just as important to him.  Ring bearer pillows are great way to make sure your ring bearer feels a very special part of the event.  Pillows are light to carry and  most pillows have a strap on the back of the pillow for the ring bearer to insert his hands for a secure grip.   View our Ring Bearer Pillows & Gifts



Another option are beautiful wood pillow boxes which can be engraved with your monogram, names or date.  These boxes make a beautiful keepsake after the wedding.


Need a gift for that special little guy?  T-shirts, books and banks make awesome gifts.


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Unity Candle Sets – Symbolizing your wedding day love

You’ve walked down the aisle and you’ve said your vows.  Now it’s time to unite your love in a ceremony that’s all your own.  Consider lighting a unity candle or having a unity sand ceremony for this special part of your wedding.  Unity candles consist of 3 candles – two taper candles and one main central pillar candle.  Parents or a family member from each side of the family light a taper candle before they are seated for the wedding ceremony.  When ready, the bride and groom each take a pre-lit taper and together use the flames to light the main central pillar candle.  The taper candles are blown out and the single united flame remains as a symbol of your love united.  This candle can be kept as a keepsake and lit again on anniversaries to remind you of the vows you took on your wedding day.

View our selection of Unity Candles and Stands


A newer trend involves the sand unity ceremony.  Different colored sands are poured from two or more containers into one container creating a layered look.  A beautiful keepsake for the home after the wedding as well as a great way to involve children in the wedding ceremony itself.


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Wedding Party Tote Bags

We all know that planning a wedding means lots of stuff to carry with you……notebooks, planners, books, fabric swatches, information and brochures from vendors and so much more.  If you have to carry it with you, you might as well look cool at the same time.  These trendy tote bags offer ample room for carrying all of the essentials with you for wedding planning.  After the planning is done, use the bag to carry your essentials to the wedding day or even on your honeymoon.  View all tote bags.

Bride Tote - chocolate

Bride Tote - patent

And don’t forget all of those special ladies on your big day.  Tote bags can come in handy for all of the essentials they need to carry on your big day, too.  Tote bags make wonderful gifts and are something that can be used after the wedding as well.

Colored Tote   Bridesmaid Patent Tote

Chocolate Totes   Weekender Tote

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Countdown to the Big Day the Fun way!

Whether you’re getting married on a grand scale or in a small, intimate setting, whether the big day is two months away or two years away, you’re probably so excited that you’re counting down the days and the minutes to the big event.  Here’s a fun way to count down to the day or even the second that you walk down that aisle.  The Wedding Countdown Clock is easily progammable to your wedding date.  It then counts down to the exact second of your wedding day.  On the appointed day, the display will begin to flash and it will continue flashing for 24 hours.  Then at the touch of a button it will function as a regular clock.


The Wedding Countdown Calendar is ideal for a wall or desk display.  It’s the perfect way to enjoy the anticipation of your wedding day…and even help you plan the big event with tips and ideas. Each day you can enjoy the anticipation of your big wedding day by tearing off another page of the countdown calendar.


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Just in case of an emergency

Let’s face it….”things” can happen on any day and wedding day is no exception.  A bridesmaid can chip a nail, a groomsman can forget his black socks, someone gets a stain on a dress or cuts a finger.  Why not be prepared for any emergency by having an “Emergency Kit” ready that is full of all of the essentials – finger nail files, an extra pair of socks, stain wipes, bandaids…??  Emergency Kits can take a lot of stress out of wedding day issues.  Click here to see all emergency kits.

Emergency Kit

Calamity Kit

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Reception Card Holders

Looking for a neat way to collect all of the greeting cards that guests bring to your reception?  If so, this is a great idea.  Guests can slip their cards into these cool holders where they’ll be safe and sound.  Add your own colored ribbon or greenery to match your wedding theme!

Place Card Holders - Reception Gift Card Holder

Place Card Holders - Gazebo Gift Card Holder

Place Card Holders - Birdcage Greeting Card Holder

View reception card holders

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Beautifully Bold

Great new collections have just been added to our selection of wedding collections!  Dramatic colors, fabrics and styles add the perfect touch to any wedding celebration.  Items can be purchased separately or as a set.

Elizabeth Collection

View the Elizabeth Collection

Garbo Collection

View Garbo Collection

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