Okay, now we all know how passionate some of us – and probably our grooms even more – can be about sports.  Whether it’s football, baseball, soccer, or whatever we enjoy playing or watching the most, we LOVE our sports!  Sometimes, we’re not sure if our dear fellows will be returning any time soon once they’re off to the sporting event.  And some of us ladies are just about the same – especially when we’re in the middle of our sport’s “in” season.  With such a love for sports and our teams, there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate that into your weddings.  Now, most of us won’t be embroidering a team logo on our gowns or anything, but how about a smaller touch?  Sports wedding cake toppers may be just that “smaller touch”.  Chances are high that your guests will also be sports enthusiasts, so they’re going to love it when they see a sport wedding cake topper at your reception.  Some of the most popular styles are:

  • Golf wedding cake toppers
  • Baseball wedding cake toppers
  • Football wedding cake toppers
  • Fishing wedding cake toppers
  • Motorsport wedding cake toppers

If you already have a vision for your bride’s cake, sports wedding cake toppers make the perfect theme for your groom’s cake which are popular in some regions.  The figurines can also be used for cake table decor, rehearsal dinners, engagment parties, and better yet, they can be displayed in your home after the big day.

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