We all know that planning a wedding means lots of stuff to carry with you……notebooks, planners, books, fabric swatches, information and brochures from vendors and so much more.  If you have to carry it with you, you might as well look cool at the same time.  These trendy tote bags offer ample room for carrying all of the essentials with you for wedding planning.  After the planning is done, use the bag to carry your essentials to the wedding day or even on your honeymoon.  View all tote bags.

Bride Tote - chocolate

Bride Tote - patent

And don’t forget all of those special ladies on your big day.  Tote bags can come in handy for all of the essentials they need to carry on your big day, too.  Tote bags make wonderful gifts and are something that can be used after the wedding as well.

Colored Tote   Bridesmaid Patent Tote

Chocolate Totes   Weekender Tote